Backyard Encampment Opening Program Featuring: Star Scouts

A Star Scout always shares her happiness with the people around her.
A Star Scout prefers to smile and have her picture taken with friends.
A Star Scout is synonymous to being cute. hehe
Posing for the camera is more fun with fellow Star Scouts.
A Star Scout can be as cute and as adorable as much as she wants. Keep shining bright Star Scouts.
A Star Scout never fails to flood every gathering with overflowing smiles and laughter.
While waiting for the program to start
A Star Scout is able to go with the flow of their group’s presentation.
A Star Scout does not forget about the choreography when cheering =)
When you’re a Star Scout, you can always talk about the sequence of your presentation on stage and start again. =)

These are just some of the cuteness, liveliness, and many more happiness caught on camera. The star scouts were welcomed and re-introduced to scouting through this activity. This will continue tomorrow where the star scouts will take part in the games prepared for them. Through this, they will be able to mingle with other star scouts of the school and build friendship and teamwork with them.


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