Blue Vixens in Action at the 2016 District Meet

Cadiz West II Blue Vixens gave off intense energy under the heat of the sun as they faced their opponent in the District Meet 2016. The girls showed skills and exerted efforts all through out the game.

Backyard Encampment Opening Program Featuring: Kab Scouts

These Kab Scouts have their own brand of cuteness, liveliness, and happiness to share. They were invited to the opening program of the backyard encampment of the GSP. Likewise, they will be back tomorrow for their remaining activities. Friendship and teamwork is also built and strengthened with the conduct of this activity.

Backyard Encampment Opening Program Featuring: Star Scouts

These are just some of the cuteness, liveliness, and many more happiness caught on camera. The star scouts were welcomed and re-introduced to scouting through this activity. This will continue tomorrow where the star scouts will take part in the games prepared for them. Through this, they will be able to mingle with other star…

Advocacy Campaign

Aside from the games, experiments and pageant, Science Month celebration also includes advocacy campaigns. Various information on some issues are presented for everyone to read. It includes information on dengue fever, proper use of materials, and drug education among others. The presence of teachers and other adults help in guiding the pupils as they read…

Science Games

Pupils participated in the Science games as part of the celebration of the Science Month of Cadiz West II. This activity helped the pupils to see that there are more fun things involving science. Likewise, it gave them the opportunity to interact with other pupils who came from different sections and grade levels.