West2nians’ First: Art Attack “Come One, Come All”

Cadiz West II Elementary School’s first Art Attack: February 6. The theme “Come One, Come All” made everyone gather and find the artist inside them. Art Attack lets the pupils, teachers, and parents share the joy of making works of art.

2nd General PTA Meeting

Cadiz West II conducted its 2nd general meeting last November 26 where the teachers also gave out the report cards of the pupils.

Cadiz West II swims to Regionals

The following are the West2nians’ regional qualifiers for the swimming competition: Reggia Fennel Rebato Jhasmyne Gavereal Espera Dane Ysabelle Burlan Ryza Shane Legada Clynishen Aves With their coaches: Mrs. Marissa Belascuain Mrs. Eva Rabena Keep swimming forward West2nians! #DREAMBIGWEST2NIANS

Help from West2nians

After the fire that burnt almost 30 houses last week, Cadiz West II Elementary School initiated a relief operation for the families affected.

Blue Vixens in Action at the 2016 District Meet

Cadiz West II Blue Vixens gave off intense energy under the heat of the sun as they faced their opponent in the District Meet 2016. The girls showed skills and exerted efforts all through out the game.